Modify / Check User Roles

Users are assigned roles that dictate their access to certain tools and functions in FlowWorks. There are several possible roles that a user can be assigned, including Demo, Read-only User, User, Group Administrator and Site Configuration Admin. Each User Role comes with its own set of capabilities. This article describes how you can check and (optionally) change a user's assigned role(s).

Only Group Administrators can view and modify a user's roles.

Please review About User Roles and Security Groups before you make any changes to a user's account.

Important Notes About User Roles

  • User Roles do not inherit the roles of User Types below them. Hence, the role of a Group Administrator does not automatically include the role of a User. For a Group Administrator to be fully capable of using/managing all functions in FlowWorks, she must also be given the additional role of User. This ‘quark’ enables greater flexibility for security and access.
  • With that said, it is also possible to create a user with a ‘Group Administrator’ role-type, who not also having the ‘User’ role-type, could only create and manage other accounts but could not use the FlowWorks platform. Hence, for full capabilities it is imperative that those assigned the Group Administrator role also be given the role of User.

Types of User Roles

The chart below describes the different types of roles that can be assigned to FlowWorks users. Remember, a user can be assigned more than one of these roles for accessibility to more features and control.

Permissions Demo Read-only User User Group Admin Site Configuration Admin Data Reviewer
Reporting Tools Read Only      
Analysis Tools Read Only      
View Sites & Channels      
Create & configure Calculated Channels        
Configure Alarms        
Create/Manage Users          
Manage Security Groups          
View Custom Screens        
View Custom Apps        
Create & Configure Sites          
Copy Site          
Data Editing & Flagging in Graphing          

Modify/Check a User's Role(s)

  1. Click Manage from the main toolbar. A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click Users & Permissions.
  1. From the User List, locate the user you wish to check/modify.
    You can either use the ‘Search User’ function from the top of the page, or manually browse through the User List to locate your desired user.
  2. Click Edit, next to the username you wish to view.
    This will take you to the Existing User page, where the selected user’s account information and permission summary are displayed.
  1. Find the Roles section, under User Information.
    From here, you can view and manage the user’s existing roles.
  1. Check/uncheck any roles that are appropriate for the selected user.

    The permissions of a single user role are not inherited to other roles. For example, the permissions of role 'Group Administrator' do not include the permissions of role 'User'. Hence, for a Group Administrator to be fully capable of using all tools and functions in FlowWorks, they must also be given the additional role of User.

  1. Click Save.
    The page will refresh with a prompt confirming that the user was saved successfully.        
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